Sunday, July 1, 2007

Do you have what it takes to be the "Next Food Network Star"?

They're getting ready for next year. Are you ready?

For the next few days, we are going to review the application process for becoming a contestant on "Next Food Network Star". Let's start with their Q & A segment.

The Next Food Network Star
Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to apply?

Anyone, 18 years or older, professional or non-professional cook, who currently does not already have, nor is committed to for the future, a national television show, nor is a political candidate, is eligible to apply. Please refer to the official rules for further clarification.

OK, I am definitely over 18. I am not committed to a national TV show. And I did not get my petition to run for President in on time, so I'm all clear on each of these.

What comprises a completed application?
Option 1:
· A 3-minute VHS tape, DVD or DV
· Your completed and signed participation application and release waiver
Option 2:
· A 3-minute video uploaded to
· A completed submission form sent via email

Option 2 sounds a whole lot easier. This is also the perfect excuse. I don't understand why they didn't select me. You know, I have been having some computer problems lately, I bet they didn't receive my application.

What should I submit on my VHS tape, DVD, DV or MySpace video?

State your name and show us your personality by telling us a little about yourself. Explain why you should have your own show on Food Network and demonstrate how you cook by making your signature dish. Please do not include music, logos or brand names. Your VHS tape, DVD, DV, MySpace video cannot exceed 3 minutes. Please label it with your name and phone number.

Three minutes!!! State your name, OK that part was easy. Personality. What personality? My life history, starting from day one, this may take longer than 3 minutes. Day One, I was born to cook! Day Two, decided that Similac or Enfamil should not be my signature dish. Day Three,...
Why should I have my own show on Food Network? Because I'm DAMN GOOD! That's why.
Make my signature dish in under 3 minutes. I know; I'll make the dish and then use fast, fast forward on the camcorder.

Can I send in my signed application and VHS tape, DVD or DV separately?

No, you should send them in together.

No comment.

Can I submit more than one completed application?

No, only one per applicant is allowed.

Sorry folks, this is not a random drawing. Someone has to watch all these videos. After watching the same video for the fourteenth time, they're going to drop you, just out of spite.

When is the deadline?

Completed applications and VHS tapes, DVDs and DVs must be received by July 30,2007

Can I hand-deliver applications and VHS tapes, DVDs and DVs to a Food Network office?

No, they must go directly to the P.O. Box listed on the application.

Can my VHS tape, DVD or DV be returned to me?

All materials become property of Food Network and cannot be returned.

If I am considered as a finalist, how will I be notified?

You will be officially notified by phone and mail directly. Please do not call Food Network as the receptionist will not be able to provide you any information.

The receptionist also has the power to burn your video after the 10th call.

If selected, what dates will I be required to be in New York City?

Late January to early February 2008 (although exact dates are still TBD)

If selected, do I have to pay for my visits to New York City for the production?


Thank goodness for that!

All previous contestants have one word of advice - Have fun! I guess a nervous breakdown could be fun, depends on how you look at it.

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