Sunday, July 1, 2007

A Comedy of Errors

The "Next Food Network Star" where are you? This turned into a battle of the nerves. Alton Brown commented, "Let's send them all home and start over". He might have a point. There was no shining personality tonight. This will not be a long post, there is so little to talk about. I can understand Amy being torn between her family and her big chance to success; but, the time and place were wrong. This would have better been dealt with a long telephone conversation with her husband, not the judges.

Adrien, you showed such promise in the beginning. You seemed to lose more and more momentum with each episode. It's surprising the differences of perception that people have. Most of us could see you fading. You, on the other hand, really seemed surprised that you were sent home. You kept bringing up the fact that you quit your job to be on the show. The Food Network does not owe you anything because of this. This was your choice.

Sorry, none of you got my vote tonight.

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