Saturday, June 30, 2007

Food Network Star Episode 5

Well, what did you think of the last episode? There is no doubt that the stress is really high. Emotions are really running amuck! Now that almost everyone has had their cry; it's time to focus. Presentations were great for the Fort Dix competition. Paul and Jag, you two rocked! Amy and Rory, you were close behind. Michael and Adrien, you were a lot farther behind.

Michael, you have quite a good knowledge of cooking. But that is not enough in this competition. 'Chocolate Passion' and 'MRI' really messed you up. I liked your idea of using potato slices for the crust of your pot pie. You have proven to be creative in your cooking, but you have had a hard time with your showmanship. Sorry to see you go.

Andrien, I really like you; but you are not showing very much.

Amy, you and Rory made a good team. I'm glad that you showed a more human side. You have had a lot to overcome; first, the French cooking, second, trying to do everything perfectly and third, trying very hard not to show emotion. You are coming up to speed, I hope that's it's not too late.

Rory, in the very beginning, I didn't think that you had what it takes, but you are proving me wrong. You have shown that sometimes you are a clutz, guess what, so is everyone else at one time or another. You just get to do it on TV. You can be creative. The grilled cantaloupe was a good example of taking something not normally associated with the grill and saying 'Hey, why not?' I like you more on each episode.

Jag, you are really creative. Who would have thought to fry a meatloaf? And they really liked it. You did not cry to the judges and tell them that the oven didn't work. You dealt with it. Good job! Your presentation with Paul was awesome!

Paul, your pushups were great! I'm impressed. You have calmed down a lot and that is a good thing. You have a very good chance to take this.

That's it for episode 5. Let me know what you think!

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