Monday, July 23, 2007

Next Food Network Star Finale

Yay! Amy Won!

All the suspense is over until next year. It was nice to see all the contestants together again. Patrick and his wife had a baby boy! Congratulations! It was great to see Tommy and Paul again. I heard a rumor that Food Network is planning a show with two L.A. based caterers. I know that is where Paul is from. My little mind put these two facts together and maybe... I think it would be a great show. Adrien looked a little rough last night. Jag showed up last night looking pretty calm. I don't like the things that Jag did, but it had to take a lot of intestional fortitude to make an appearance. Nikki seemed a little more laid back.

It was interesting to see the videos of Amy's and Rory's home life. I didn't realize that Amy's kids were so young. She looks like she is a great Mom. It's nice that she has her family close by. Rory looks like she has found her niche. She is from New Jersey. She entered a contest and came in as the runner up. The premise of the contest was to take the contestants and drop them in a small town and see who was most popular. After the contest was over, Rory stayed in Vega, Texas. She seems very comfortable there. Good luck, Rory, with your new restaurant and life in general.

"The Gourmet Next Door" will air this fall. Best of luck, Amy!!!

Even though ten of the contestants will not be the Next Food Network Star, this had to be a great adventure for all of them.

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