Monday, July 16, 2007

Vote for Amy!

Vote for Amy! Vote for Amy! Vote for Amy!

Don't worry this site is totally subjective and everyone is entitled to my opinion.

I have to admit that I was very upset with Food Network last night. Amy was not my favorite from the beginning. But she kept showing the judges that she could handle herself and she could cook. But apparently the judges were not interested in those qualities. Oh, I forgot, if you can cook (Michael Salmon), you are asked to leave. Maybe the main ingredient is personality. No, that can't be right, Paul (after he calmed down) was asked to leave. What are you looking for Food Network?

One theme that I picked up on was "dummie down". Apparently, the Food Network does not think highly of it's viewers. Amy gives the network a chance to explore new areas. Italian cooking is featured, why not French cooking? Some people want to watch basic cooking shows, or quick and easy shows, or Southern shows, or semi-homemade shows. But it would be nice to also feature a program that showed a few new skills and recipes without being 'fancy-smancy'.

Jag, we knew it was coming and I think that the reason that Food Network played the situation the way that they did, was to show that when they found out about the discrepancies in your resume, they dealt with it. Their honesty and intregrity were preserved. You could either withdraw semi-graciously or they would denounce you.
Take your choice, but you are leaving.

I do feel a little bit sorry for Jag. You could tell that he really wanted this. He built himself up to be someone that he wasn't, so that he had a better chance to be on the show. We have all exaggerated our qualities at some point in time, but we have not been forced to apologize to the whole world. Hopefully, the people who love him will be there for him.


Anonymous said...

I feel that Amy shined since she has gotten herself together. I really hope that she is the next food network start. I also feel that she shouldn't have been sent home. She did far better than the two in the Iron Chef Challenge. And Rory is business trying to look too cute for the camera to concentrate on her cooking. And making a joke out of her commentary. She has also gotten by and I don't know how.

Anonymous said...

not all of us have said that we went to combat when we haven't. He is a man without honor. He deserved to be shunned. He really should have been shut out and never put on tv again. he was given a chance to resign....that is total crap. he should have been kicked off.. fade to black thats all