Sunday, July 22, 2007

The Next Food Network Star Finale

Tonight is the night!

I really, really hope that Amy wins. I have nothing against Rory, I just do not want to watch ‘Real Food for Real People’. Didn’t the Beef Council already use that tag line? So much for original thought. Speaking of original thought, Jag had a lot of original thoughts, unfortunately, they just did not line up with the truth. Well folks, another in the long list of Jag stories. Apparently when Jag was caught, he thought if he told the “Air Force Times” that he was a finalist and would tell who the other finalist was that they would go easy on him and forget about his background. Surprisingly, the “Air Force Times” thought it was a lie.

Jag, I felt a little sorry for you previously. Having to give up something that apparently meant a great deal to you because you decided to exaggerate a few details. You just changed the endings – you were in the Marines and you did go to Culinary School. Because of Privacy laws, the Marines can tell us that you did not go to Afghanistan, but not why you left the service eight months early as a private (or was it corporal?) The Culinary School can tell us that you enrolled for classes, but not whether you showed up for those classes. Somehow, I have the feeling that Jag would not know the truth if it bit him in the butt.

Anthony Bourdain had a few comments on Jag. “JAG can't be allowed win. His alleged problems remembering whether or not he's a war hero--or whether he graduated from culinary school could be...controversial. In a bad way. He comes off as an unstable fantasist--already referring to himself in the third person (which is NEVER a good sign). And his overloading of the grill with chicken parts--causing (surprise!) smoke and flame--was something any backyard griller knows to avoid.”

I have seen a few polls that put Amy in the lead. I sure hope so. We’ll just have to watch tonight to find out.

Thank you for voting for Amy!

The Food Network has another reality show ready. The premise sounds good.
Who Will Be The Next Iron Chef.? More details later.

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