Monday, July 9, 2007

"Next Food Network Star" - now there are three

After last week's disasters, some of the contestants stepped up to the plate this week. Amy did a nice presentation of her skills. The judges really liked her dishes and she took her commentary seriously. I like the title for her show, 'The Gourmet Next Door'. Most cooks would like to consider themselves to be gourmets, and this program would show them how. Nice job, Amy.

Jag finally took the advice of the judges, but took it too far. He lessened the number of ingredients in his dishes and the results were bland. I really thought that he was going home last night. But his plea seemed very genuine. He talked about his love of food passionately. Bobby Flay described his plea as either totally genuine or worthy of an Academy Award. I know that it did not help that his sous-chef was Columbe. SomeONE out there must like her, but it sure isn't me. Maybe, that's why Jag's food was so bland.

Rory was doing all right until her commentary, which she used as a joke. The Food Network does not joke. Alton Brown quizzed the contestants on their commentary and unnerved everyone. I think I will get some of those Plum tomatoes grown in Plumy. Thanks for the heads up, Paul.

Speaking of Paul. I'm sorry to see him go. A lot of people thought that he could take this contest. Perhaps, Paul's biggest mistake was admitting that teaching was not one of his strong points. Bob Tushmann reminded Paul that teaching is what the Food Network is all about, and that it was a little late in the day to get started on that skill. Paul commented on the pleas entered by Jag and himself. Paul said that his seemed like 'he phoned his in' compared to Jag's.

Jag seems to really love food, which I think is great for a Food Network host. Amy also seems to love food, but not as much. Jag was so disappointed in his work, because he really loves the show "Iron Chef". Since the formet was Iron Chef like, he totally obsessed on winning that challenge. His dream turned into a nightmare.

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