Monday, June 18, 2007

Goodbye Tommy!

Goodbye, Tommy!

You will certainly be missed. You have a giant personality! In a way, I think you would rather be home. You have a very lucky family.

Goodbye Columbe.

I think everyone who has read my blog knows that I will not miss you. You come across as a butterfly that flits here and there. My son, Rob, described you as “Snow White”. I don’t know why but I’m not buying into that. I think that is a fa├žade. Your idea of buying finished products for the Nets contest was a silly idea.

This is my selection for the final four, if they don’t screw up.

Michael – I think that you have a very serious chance in this contest. Talk to the camera. Be yourself, you have the credentials, now show us the real you. Remember what the judges said about Nikki. They gave you a warning!

Jag – Your personality really came through in the chocolate segment. I liked both your entries. You have a good chance!

Andrien – I have liked you from day one. Your entry for the Nets game really looked good and I don’t even like mushrooms. You have a good TV personality and your food stepped up to the plate this time.

Rory – You are surprising! In the beginning, I did not think that you would go far. You could prove me wrong. You are a quick learner and you are taking everything that the judges say to heart.

Probably going home soon…

Amy – I really like you. But I don’t think you have the TV presence that they are looking for. You are beginning to lose the French ‘thing’, which doesn’t seem to appeal that much to the audience. I see that you gave some of your Xanax to Paul, and it’s helping. Maybe you should cut back on your dosage. You are too controlled and your personality is not coming through.

Paul – That Xanax really helped you out, didn’t it! You are very lovable. You did a nice presentation on chocolate. I liked the fact that when your burgers cooled to 110 degrees. You did not go crazy, you just carried on. Good Job! But a few too many mistakes in the past.

Who will be the Next Food Network Star?
Sent in your comments, I’d really like to get more discussion on the show.

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