Wednesday, June 13, 2007

And the Big Winner is Cantaloupe!

Sorry for the delay in my posting. Had a bit of an emergency, but everything is fine now.

Who will be the “Next Food Network Star”? We found out that all the contestants have cooking skills, some better than others. Personality plays a huge part in this competition.

Paul, you really need some Xanax. You are way too stressed! I think that this will be your downfall. We don’t tune in to Food Network to see someone bouncing off the walls.

JAG, I like you more each episode. You are more than capable of winning this competition. You are a little too intense when you cook. You concentrate on your cooking and not the audience. You have a great smile!

Rory, the grilled cantaloupe was genius. That is what put you over the top. You really caught on to what they are looking for.

Amy, you seem to know your way around a kitchen. But you need to loan Paul some of your Xanax. You are a little too controlled. Loosen up!

Tommy, you have a great personality! But I think that you are out of your league.

Michael Salmon, like the fish. Your chicken dish looked delicious. You had great grill marks. It was ready to take a bite out of. You just needed some cantaloupe. Your hint about putting spices on the fire set you apart from the crowd, and the judges will remember that.

Andrien, you seem more relaxed in front of the camera than most of the other contestants. Your three years on “Home for Dinner” paid off. You need some WOW in your dishes.

Colombe, I just don’t get it.

Nikki, you showed more emotion in your exit interview than anytime during the show. I think maybe you are a perfectionist. Unfortunately, it’s hard to watch a perfectionist. You have to show a human side, too. You definitely had an attitude problem in the wedding reception episode.

My opinion… I think that Michael, Andrien and Jag are in for the long haul. But as anyone who knows me will attest, I’ve been wrong before.

Have a great day and have fun cooking!

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