Saturday, June 2, 2007

Next Food Network Star

How do you become a contestant for “the Next Food Network Star”? This season, you would have sent your 3 minute video into the Food Network along with 7000 other applicants. Your video would show you preparing a recipe, while telling the judges why you should be the Next Food Network Star. How do you think you would measure up? (Me – I have trouble walking and chewing gum at the same time.)

Here they are - The Top 11

1. Patrick Roff is a senior Sous Chef in a fine restaurant. He is highly trained and disciplined. Not all of the contestants are professional cooks. This should give him an edge. He says that his secret weapon is using local seasonal ingredients in his recipes. He wants to educate his viewers about simple elegant food and to have fun in the kitchen. I really like his idea of having fun in the kitchen. If you can’t have fun, why bother. Patrick is married and has a new son, Nathan.
Based on my opinion of his video – 3 stars.

2. Michael Salmon not only oversees a restaurant but also a large food market in New York City. He graduated from the Culinary Institute of America in 1982. He wants to show that you don not have to be intimidated in the kitchen. He admits his weakness is thinking that he knows it all. This should add some drama to the show. Michael is the father of two daughters. He says that food is about love and passion.
My opinion – 2 ½ stars.

3. Colombe Jacobson is a yoga and fitness instructor who lives in New York City. Her formal training is with the Natural Gourmet Food and Health Institute in NYC. She thinks that the Food Network needs a show that focuses on organic, healthy cooking with tips about a healthy lifestyle. (Personally, I like Ellie Kreiger. She always has healthy recipes.) Somehow, I picture Colombe sitting in a lotus position while she cooks. Colombe has worked as a personal cook and caterer.
My opinion – 2 stars

4. Paul McCullough is a caterer from Los Angeles with no professional training. He wants a show about how to throw a “simply fabulous Party”. He has a lot of personality.
My opinion – 2 stars

5. Vivien Cunha is a former model from Brazil. She is a chef and caterer. Vivien once lived in India, which adds an Indian influence to her Latin recipes. She hopes to bring her culture and love of food to the Food Network. She wants to inspire people.
My opinion – 2 stars

6. Amy Finley is from San Diego. She is a French trained cook and a stay-at- home Mom. Most of her recipes look complicated but she assures us that they are not hard to make. Amy says that cooking makes her feel alive and makes a connection with the people that she cooks for.
My opinion – 2 ½ stars

Tomorrow, I'll introduce you to the others. How do you think the contestants stack up?
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