Sunday, October 7, 2007

Soooo, What Did You Think?

If you have not watched the show yet, do not read this post.

I liked the show. We saw some amazing knife skills. We also saw that the fastest is not always the best, as some of the ingredients were disqualified. Aaron Sanchez won that competition.

As Alton Brown said, “Even great chefs have bad days.” And we saw that. Some of the equipment failed to work properly, but a great chef has to carry on anyhow. Some of the ingredients were missing, such as sugar and butter in a dessert dish. Thankfully, I’ve never been asked to make a dessert out of tripe, squid, or catfish.

Alton did drop a few hints about different ingredients and methods. Some of these hints were picked up on and others were not.
We saw a variety of personalities, from funny to really serious. There was a good connection between all the chefs. They had a chance to laugh and sometimes almost play with the ingredients. Things did not really get serious until the final judging. It is too early for me to pick a winner, but I already have some favorites. I’m sure that you do too.

John Besh won the first episode and Traci Des Jardins was asked to leave. I really believe that there will be no losers in this contest. They are all great chefs.

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